Indexing dropbox files

I’ve just installed Devonthink for the first time so bear with me on this simple question!
I have about 2000 pdfs in a file structure located in Dropbox. I don’t want to import all these PDFs but would like to index them.
I have chosen one of the dropbox folders and it has indexed all the PDF files in that folder and added it as a group in the ‘Inbox’ database.
If I index all the other Dropbox folders will they simply remain in the ‘Inbox’ database or can I create new databases and organise/move my groups (i.e. Dropbox folders) into several databases. For example a number of Dropbox folders contain bills for my house and a number of folders contain PDFs for my college course. Ideally I’d like to create a ‘Home’ database and a ‘Course’ database.

No worries. Welcome aboard and it’s a legitimate question.

Yes, you can index files to one database then move them to another. And the idea to have separate databases is a good approach to take as well.

If you want deeper information on indexing, search these forums and pay special attention to posts by Greg_Jones, who makes use of indexing almost exclusively.

One recommendation that I would make is to skip the indexing of anything to the Inbox database, and instead just index the Dropbox folder(s) directly into the respective database(s). Simple is best with most things in life, and indexing documents is no exception.

/me nods