Indexing ebooks : rather epub or PDF format?

I would like to index my whole ebook library . (Index, not import, i want to have them either in a Dropboxfolder and be able to search with Devon in them, without duplicang the disk space needed, so Indexing the Dropboxfolder seems to be the best way).

I have all books either in PDF and in epub format.
Should i copy all PDF in “ForDevon”-Folder or all epubs? Whta is better for the AI of DEvon, for working on annotations and so on?

Both formats are fully searchable (EPUB since version 3). But only PDF documents can be edited & annotated.


Ok , thank you very much for this answer, so clear decision for PDF Format.

Sorr y if there is perhaps an easy answer that i could find in the handbook: is there a way to index only “PDF” in folders where aro also epub and other files?

This isn’t possible. Are the EPUB and PDF files duplicates or different books?

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no, these are same books. But this will make grow the database inf Devon Indexes everything?

The search index might be larger. But as long as the database isn’t synchronized e.g. with an iPhone/iPad this shouldn’t make a huge difference. Or do you plan to index a huge amount of books?

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no, several hundred max.

This should be fine (assuming that the books have an average size).

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But i am afraid of one thing: by searching contents in order to annote thmem, as DT will list the epubs as well, i will have to be aware which of the documents i open…
This could be a little bit time-consuming. I guess i will rather (copy) MOVE all PDF in an unique folder and let DT only index this one !?

You could search for all EPUB documents and then exclude them from searching via the Info inspector. But indexing a dedicated folder is of course also possible.


Segregating the PDFs into their own directory would be my suggestion too and should be easily done.


This is exactly the problem I’m trying to solve but I don’t get the answer on how to proceed: My pdf and epub books are on iCloud. I don’t want to download them all but I would like Devonthink 3 to index all of them (not only those which are downloaded). Obviously it is feasible, Can you help me on how to proceed? Thanks.

No, it’s not feasible. DEVONthink will not index non-local resources, i.e., ones only found in the cloud.

At least in case of iCloud Drive DEVONthink 3 should actually index them. Which issues do you experience?

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Those files on iCloud but not on hard drive can’t be indexed, despite these files being referenced by iCloud drive on my Mac. I’m thus missing a lot of informations within my database. I was looking at a way to index them, even if they’re not on the hardrive as they are identified by iCloud drive.

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Is anything logged to Windows > Log? Otherwise please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks!

nothing is logged to windows>log. I will send it to you

The next release will improve this.