Indexing Files and Folders on Desktop and MBP

Just installed DEVONthink on my 2nd seat (Mac mini). Not sure if I did this right, but I indexed my Files and Folders as I did on my MBP (all the files and folders are the same). Should I have carried over any DT database to the Mac mini? What am I missing? Presently, I have my iOS devices syncing to my MBP database.

How did you get the databases onto the Mac Mini? Copy or use your sync?

If you want to have the same groups, tags etc: yes.

And why don’t you sync your Mac mini, too?

I had synced all my files from my MBP to my Mac mini before installing DEVONthink. Then, on the Mac mini, I created the 2 databases I have on my MBP and then indexed the files on my Mac mini.

Any particular reason you want to index files rather than import them?

There are valid reasons for indexing, but indexing has more potential gotchas and requires a more thorough understanding of how DT3 works.