indexing forums with devonthink

Hello, I frequent a lot of technical forums for information on my research. Some provide RSS feeds, but most don’t. Has anyone developed an easy way to keep up to date with new posts and such without having to explicitly clip them from the web using the DevonThink web plugin?

I would like to be able to pull from the web and somehow automatically categorize the posts to a given tag. Or put them in a smart group or something.

I have Devonthink Pro Office and Devonagent Pro.

Do the forums provide a “View new posts” page? Then you could add this page to a new search set which is following 1 level of links (term could be “" without quotes). Finally, enable the option to return only new pages, disable the option to filter similar pages and set the default search term to "” (without quotes).

The results returned by such a search set can be easily (or even automatically) added to DEVONthink.