Indexing iCloud Folder

Most of my files are in iCloud and I am wondering if it is possible to successfully index the entire drive by selecting the iCloud Drive folder. I have tried it but only select folders actually appeared in DEVONthink once the initial index was done.

If this is supposed to work, how does the indexing handle files that are not downloaded to the device? The files that are currently missing from my current index do not appear to be in any way related to what is or isn’t locally stored on the hard drive of my machine.

Do “most of your files” actually need to be indexed into DEVONthink?

Read this:

Well, I don’t “need” DEVONthink for anything at all, but that is unrelated to my question. What I “want” it for is the features I paid for, one of which is the ability to index files.

I am not asking for advice on how to organize my files, I am asking if it is possible to organize them by indexing content in iCloud Drive.

If there is a technical issue I would run into by doing so, I am open to it hearing it. Do you know the answer to my questions?

Will depend on the number of files you have. My biggest database has about 5500 PDF indexed, performance is very good both in M1 and Intel Mac, and I have 14 databases in total but only two have more than 4000 files into it.

Said that, iCloud Drive is good indexing by itself if you don’t need complex searches.

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You should only index local files, so if your files are stored in the cloud and downloaded on demand, this would not be a good idea.
There is Script menu > Index > iCloud Drive, also available from Script menu > More Scripts, if it’s not installed.