Indexing images inside Photos, Lightroom, ON1, et al

Can anyone recommend a good way for me to manage all my photos, graphics, OmniGraffles, Creative Cloud assets? Oh, and video files? Most vexing is how to get to the files inside proprietary databases, such as Apple Photos, Movies and Lightroom. I assume there is a better way than indexing aliases of their hidden folders.

On a positive note, I am grateful for DTPO! It is my workhorse now, the eye in the center of this tempest called “writing a book.” How did I manage without it? Not very well…

Joseph Roberson

This is not a good use of DEVONthink. It is not a digital asset management i[/i] application, so there is no benefit to doing what you’re proposing.

This is especially true of apps like Lightroom, Photos, etc. They are made to perform specific functions and handle those media types. It is not suggested you start indexing the contents of hidden folders in this way.

Dear BlueFrog,
Thanks for setting me straight on this.
As always, you’re my DT guru!

No problem.
As the old saw goes, “When you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” :mrgreen:

While DEVONthink is very capable of many things, we realize and support other applications that do very specific tasks better, like digital asset management of media files. Cheers!