Indexing MacJournal Entries in DTPro?

I’m trying to set up my dissertation-writing research workflow, and would love to index my MacJournal entries (I use MJ for fieldnotes-- it works best for me) but haven’t been able to figure out exactly how in DT.

Forgive me-- I’m not a techie, so will describe what I think I see using the language I know (eeeks!)–it seems all of the MJ entries are saved in some kind of proprietary format in my Library/Cache/Metadata folder. When I select those entries to index, I just get an icon (and no indexing). Am I looking in the wrong place? Can someone give me some direction?

Thanks so much!

You should first find where your MacJournal Data file is stored. Go to Preferences/Advanced in MJ and you will see a “Reveal in Finder” button. The data file is a Package so go to it in Finder and right-click (or control-click) and click on Show Package Contents. The MJ entries are in the folder Content but they do not have meaningful names. You can cmd-alt-drag and drop it into DT and the entire folder will be indexed, but the entry names will continue to be meaningless. It will be searchable though. Otherwise you can export from MJ to a folder and index from there, and the names will be meaningful.

Eureka! Thank you so very much.

You are very welcome. :smiley:

I kept both MJ and DT going for some time but since the iOS versions have come out I have switched entirely to DT. Notwithstanding its teething problems, DTTG has much more functionality for my purposes than MJ in iOS.