Indexing of new data based torturously slow

Because of the way the new version works, I have to create separate databases for each of my “topics” rather than being able to include them all into one large “master” database. I wouldn’t mind but today I creatde my first new DB by export the contents of one of my groups from the old DB and then reimporting them into the brand new DB. However, its says at the bottom “Indexing Items” and is is unbelievably slow…maybe 5% done after 15 minutes. Also, the size of the new DB seems extremely large (23gb) considering it is only a small portion of a much larger DB (63GB). Not sure what the indexing is doing exactly but the large size of the file is concerning.

Is this normal?

This might be correct depending on the number and type of documents. But ex/importing isn’t necessary usually, it’s also possible to move items to new databases and this should be a lot faster. And finally, as this is still a beta and things might still be revised I would postpone such changes til the final version.

It’s also possible that virtual memory slows down indexing if both the old and the new database are concurrently opened.

By “moving” you mean dragging and dropping a folder(s) to the new DB?

the size of the new DB seems extremely large (23gb)

The size reported where?