Indexing of text files not ending with .txt (Spotlight does)

I have a lot (1,000s) of text (ASCII) files that end differently than .txt, for different reasons. For example: .pro, .chopro, etc.

These files are indexed and are searchable by Spotlight. But they are not being indexed by DSE. Worse, they are not even found by title (nor are .fp7 files, by the way.)

Is there a way to be able to search for these files within DSE?

All the files referenced are in folders that are being indexed. (.txt files were indexed in these folders).

Thanks for the feedback! Did you use these extensions on your own or did a software create these files?

Sorry, been out of this forum for awhile…

These files are created by various software, some music software, .fp7 are old FileMaker documents, etc.

About my other question, am I missing something or, by design, is DSE not supposed to find files by matching the filename?

All metadata (title, filename, content, URL, author etc.) is usually searched and using the same query syntax (operators, wildcards). Which filename wasn’t found and which query did you enter?

These are some of the file types that DSE does not find. In all cases I have entered the exact filename:
Anything that ends with:


(The last four are not text files (just for reference), the first one is). In all instances, Spotlight does finds the files, all four types, with no problem at all.

Also, on a lot of my .txt file searches (in almost all of my searches for .txt files, I think), I need to enter the filename COMPLETELY in order for DSE to find it. For example, when searching the file “AboutCompression.txt”, if I begin entering the letters, DSE will show “No results found” all the way up to “AboutCompressio”. Then, when I finally enter the last letter, “n”, then the file appears in the list. Kind of defeats a file search, specially if I can’t recall all of the filename. By the way, Spotlight finds this file just by entering “AboutC”.

Thanks for your help.

DEVONsphere Express doesn’t index all files, only those matching Preferences > Categories. Therefore at least .mftpkg and .fp7 are probably not indexed but web archives should be indexed. Could you please post a screenshot of this preference pane? Thanks!

By default DEVONsphere Express is looking for the exact query, it’s not searching for partial matches. But you could either use wildcards (e.g. About*) or the substring operator (e.g. ~About).

Thanks. I always thought that DEVONsphere Express would do partial matches. The use of wildcards is perfectly reasonable and a great workaround.

I am enclosing the screen shot of Categories. Hope you could find a solution for my webarchives and the chopro issue. Maybe I should turn everything on and see what happens?

Again, thanks for all your help.

According to the screenshot webarchives should be indexed. Are they located in a folder which should be indexed? Or could you send me (cgrunenberg - at - an example file plus the query that should find the file? Thanks in advance!

Just sent you the file.
My files are on Documents and the Desktop. As you can see on the screenshot, “Documents” is selected.

So, just to be clear, if DEVONsphere Express does not index some files, e.g. .fp7, does that mean that DEVONsphere Express won’t find these files, even when I simply search by filename?
I understand that there should be no way DSE could analyze its contents, but I though it should find all files by filename…

That’s right, DEVONsphere Express does not (yet) index all file (or folder) names. Only files matching the enabled categories are indexed.

Thanks. I hope this can change in a future release, specially for those ASCII files that just end differently for the sake of a specific group of applications (like .chopro)

Just want to publicly acknowledge that I sent the file to Christian and he figured what was my problem with the webarchives. It was a simple setting in the “View Options” that I had overlooked.

Thanks to Christian and the people at DEVON. Always top-notch customer service and care for the people using their products (not to forget that they are AWESOME, useful products!)