Indexing Papers2 library is in Application support folder?

I wonder how I locate the Papers2 database for indexing when it is in the Application support folder. Do I have to move it outside of the User/Library to see the folder? If I do, will Papers2 find its database?

Don’t move the database.

Lion and Mountain Lion “hide” the contents of the user Library. To view them, in the Finder click on Go > Go to Folder - type “Library” if that’s not already supplied. You will then be able to navigate to the Application Support folder.

Ok, that showa the contents of Application support in Finder, but to index I start out from within DT choosing File/Index, and here I can´t see how I can go into the Library at all.

In an effort to make the Mac seem more transparent to users and also to mitigate problems caused by users who may monkey about in the User Library and do things they shouldn’t, Apple has hidden the User Library in Lion/Mountain Lion.

Here’s how to restore your access to your user account’s Library:

Launch the Terminal application (Applications > Utilities).

Enter this string: “chflags nohidden ~/Library/” without the quotation marks - (copy/paste works)

Press Return, then Quit the Terminal app. Now your user Library is no longer hiding from you.

It’s perfectly safe now to navigate to and select the items in the Application Support folder that you wish to Index into a DEVONthink database. There can be other situations in which it is useful to see the contents of your user Library. However, do resist any temptation to randomly monkey with the contents of your Library, as many applications depend on elements that have been stored here for proper functioning. For example, DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office install scripts in two locations in the user Library, and the Global Inbox database is the file named “Inbox” at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/.

In addition to Bill’s excellent suggestion, you can dive in to the hidden Library temporarily by pressing Command-Shift-G in the Finder and entering ~/Library.