Indexing Photo library

I just started using DevonThink. I need to index my photos, which are stored on the iCloud Photo Library that I access on my mac through Photos. I need to use high-definition photos for my work so I store the full-resolution photos on the cloud because I don’t have enough storage on my mac.
If I index all my photos, are they going to stay on the cloud? I noticed that when I index a file it creates an image on DT. Does that mean that every photo I index gets downloaded on my mac from the cloud? Is there a way to index a file without creating an image on DT?

You should not try and index cloud-stored files. Indexing should be used on local files.

Tempting as it is to throw everything into DevonThink I really think that in the case of photographs you need to ask why you was to do this? With the plethora of specialist photography applications out there DevonThink may not be the best to use.