indexing Sharepoint office 365 folders and files

I need to index Sharepoint office 365 folders and files but have not been able to find recent instructions on how to do so. In the forums I did find some older references to this being done, but no detailed “how to steps”. Can anyone list the steps needed to do this?

I have no trouble indexing files in dropbox, on my computer, etc. but can’t seem to get Sharepoint indexing to work. I always end up only with the Sharepoint URL to the client site or a folder not the files themselves.

How are you mounting and/or syncing the Sharepoint?

(I’m just recently looking at this again myself using Expandrive to do the mount, but I’m still trying to discern the best way to specify a workspace inside of Sharepoint on office365.)

Just as a caution: Indexing files that only reside on remote servers is not the best idea. Not only will the files be missing if you are not connected / network goes down / etc., but local files are always the fastest, more reliable, and most accessible way to go.