indexing strategies

Hi all,

I’ve been looking through the forum for answers to this…I’m sure there are, but I think my question is so simple that I can’t see it.

I currently index my whole life from two Dropbox folders:


I like it this way because it pretty much reflects how I see my life: Work, Personal

With work (@Main) though, I have 3 main areas:

  1. Teach (I’m a professor)
  2. Current Research project (I write books)
  3. Other (committees etc)

Right now, most of what I’m putting into @Main has to do with research. So I’ve been indexing all @Main into my Research DB.

When I move something into, say, the TEACH database–I either remember to replicate the file before moving so I don’t have to index again, or I don’t. Mostly I don’t.

Is there an easier workflow for me out there? Thoughts?


You index two folders and you want to move a document from one folder to the other? I would select the document in indexed group “A”, use “Move into Database” from the contextual menu. Move the document within DEVONthink to the other indexed group “B”, and from the contextual menu use “Move to External Folder”. Done: moved in DEVONthink, and moved in the file system.

Let me shift the question:

So I index from one external folder into a database and want to move an indexed file from database A to database B…

When I move the file from A to B, the file reappears in A when indexing is updated.

Work arounds?

If you follow the steps as korm described, the document will not reappear in A when the index is updated.

Working as designed. If you do not want to index all the documents in a folder, do not index the (parent) folder. Just index the documents inside that folder that you want to include in your database.

I know the thread is a little old, but has anyone scripted this set of actions yet? I would love to get my on the applescript!

Korm set up a script that should handle moving indexed files in both the DTP interface and the file system here:

EDIT: Ah, I see you’ve already found that post! Cheers.