Indexing vs Importing again

Hello everybody! I’m recently going back to DT and rebuilding from scratch my databases. I remember that some years ago the differences between indexing and importing were that, if indexing, changes made from within devonthink were not so easily ‘synced’ in the filesystem.
For my personal database indexing a Dropbox folder could be more practical as many files are accessed remotely from machines without devonthink and for sharing…BUT I fear all changes made from within DT (changes to database structure, new text files created in DT etc.) won’t be reflected in my Mac filesystem. I remember in the old times there were two possible scripts to “consolidate” and “deconsolidate” the database but, as far as I can remember, they required extra work and had almost no automation.
Checked the manual and it seems that something changed (paragraph “indexing and the filesystem”) but as I’m starting from scratch I’d like to understand what is now the ‘state of the art’ and which are the pro & cons of indexing.
Please consider that:

  • indexed folder would reside in a Dropbox folder
  • Sync: I need to sync this database across 2 Macs and an iPad
    Any help appreciated
    thanks a lot!
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Yes, much has changed from DEVONthink 2 to 3 regarding indexing, but what you read in the documentation is ”the state of things”.

Re putting the indexed folder in Dropbox, best that you make sure that the folder is set for “offline” in Dropbox. Dropbox has a support web page explaining all that, if you need it.

Re synching… yes, it works. Also documented how to setup in the “DEVONthink Manual”.

Finally, good that you are reading about indexing and importing in the “DEVONthink Manual”. That’s the best source of guidance. And it’s also a good idea that you do your own testing and confirmations that it works as you expect and need.