individual Mac Mail imports?

I want to place emails into a generic “in box” folder in my database. I want to use this emails for sorting action items, not to archive the entire mail boxes (Know how to do that and it works well).

Ideally I would like to drag and drop them from mac Mail into this Group folder. However, when I do a drag and drop to this “in box” I get an indexed email (I want the RTF).

When I do a mail import I get all the directory info. Again not particularly helpful for this task.

The only way I have been able to figure this out is to use “Add to DTPO” in mail message command, this works well, but have to navigate up to the root to find it. Thus creating several extra clicks to get them back into “In Box” I looked through the preferences and properties and could not find a place to change the default group pointer.

What am I missing?

Messages from Mail will be sent to your designated “Import” group (see the Import preferences). You could set up what you want using the Mail Import window’s “Options” toolbar button, but these settings are not saved when you close the window. Also, drag and drop from Mail is not going to be supported in the current incarnation of DTPO.

Thank you for the prompt reply. I am still not seeing an “import group” option in the import preferences. Many check boxes, but not the default group. Sorry to be dense here. :confused:

It’s actually called “New Notes”. My fault.

I figured out what you meant. It works well. Thank you. :smiley:

Is Apple Tech Issues the reason drag&drop from mail won’t be supported soon? Because it’s really something I could use!!


What’s wrong with using Cmd-Option-Ctrl-M to put the e-mails into DTPO? I have a folder set up called inbox - somewhere I designated this as a default and all the e-mails I send to DTPO end up here for processing. Four keys on the keyboard seems easier to me than drag and drop. 8)

I imagine it’d be easier for most people, but I use an on-screen keyboard due to disabilities to pressing four keys means holding the mouse still for 3/4 second over each of four small images in turn … and then I still have to move the message to the correct DTPO folder after. If I could drag it from Mail directly to the folder it’d be a lot easier. Other people, I guess, just prefer working in different ways - not all people who can type prefer keyboard-centric work styles.