Indizieren (maybe Index in English)

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Indizieren… doesn’t create links to unknown files like Importieren… does. Is there a way to activate that?


No, this is definitely a bug. I shouldn’t be that way. We’ll put this issue onto our to-do list.

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It’s not a bug because this is actually intentional :slight_smile: But this will be modified in version 1.9.

Thanks a lot. I’m using DEVONThink to index my Iomega Rev 35GB Disks. This works very well, execpt for two things:

  1. The above problem. At the moment I just do a Verknüpfen which only makes links to the disk’s whole directory structure. In order to browse the disk while it is in the shelf.

  2. DevonThink indexes some file that are binary for example (.rfl Reason Refills) treated as Rich-Text.

But again I resolved that doing Verknüpfen for the whole directory structure and doing Indizieren for the folders that contain real documents. So thats a great thing, I can search documents that are in the shelf and fetch just that disk I need. Thanks DEVON-technologies :slight_smile:


Maybe those files have a ‘TEXT’ HFS type code and therefore DT treats them as text.

Could be. Here is the Fileinfo there seems to be no type set:

baldria:/Volumes/Archive Folder/Music/Soundbanken/Assurbanipal/DoruMALAIA gucky$ /Developer/Tools/GetFileInfo DoruMALAIA-128hits.rfl
file: “DoruMALAIA-128hits.rfl”
type: “”
creator: “”
attributes: avbstclinmed
created: 01/01/1904 01:00:00
modified: 07/22/2002 22:01:14

I checked all files with: find -iname “*.rfl” -exec /Developer/Tools/GetFileInfo {} ; | egrep “type|creator”

They have either nothing or

type: "RFL "
creator: “RSon”


Didn’t check this using v1.8.1b but version 1.9 (coming next week) will definitely neither import nor index such files (only links are created on demand).