Information about the kind of note


Did this strip on the GUI was giving other information during the betas?

Like the kind of file/note you were selecting instead of just how many items you are selecting.

Or it’s just I touched something and I changed the config for that.


The status was simplified to ensure that there’s more space available for the path bar. In addition, the former display was usually redundant, especially in case of list view but also if the Info inspector was visible.

Ahhh! so I’m not crazy… I really was thinking “I believe that this part was different before”.

I really don’t think the information was really redundant. I use that a lot to check the size of the note and the kind of note at glance. Even more if you have more than one note with the same information and you are in the widescreen view.

There is any way to bring it back?

Which view and what kind of notes do you usually use?

I’m usually in widescreen view and usually I use markdown note. But sometimes I use other kinds like plain or formatted. I’ve also doing the transition from Evernote to DT and I still have some notes that are formatted notes or so.

I like to keep my notetaking and capturing as slim as possible, so I like to have the size information.

In the widespread view if you have columns you starting to lose a lot of space, specially in small screens.

I understand the decision of remove that info from the path bar, but I really think, at least in my case that it wasn’t redundant at all. I know also that info is in the inspectors, but I don’t want to have the inspectors all the time on the view. I want to have as much room as possible for the title of the note, the note itself and usually I have the sidebar with the folder structure.

Thanks for the screenshot, we’ll consider this for upcoming releases. As your notes are thumbnailed, the kind is of course not that obvious. But this makes me wonder whether this is intentional - especially in list/columns view thumbnailed notes aren’t really useful (of course IMHO).

Thumbnails aren’t useful, but they are nice. :slight_smile: Yes, it’s more or less intentional. I bought a retina display and I like the details.

Thanks for considering in incoming releases.

As an additional note… the info about how many notes and how many selected is somehow useful too, but perhaps this can be a bar at the bottom of the list, continuing the tag bar. Perhaps there can be also the info relate to the note, like size and kind and if you select more that one the combined size.

  • You don’t have to show the Inspectors to get this information. With a file selected, press Shift-Command-I to show the Info popover.

  • Enable Preferences > General > Show filename extensions.
    Additionally, set the toolbar to Icon and Text or Text Only and the filename with the extension is shown.

Thanks for the ideas!

However, I really would love to see that information back on the bar. I think it’s really useful.

I’ll add a hidden preference to 3.0.1 to enable this again.


Thanks a lot!!!

I really appreciate!