information: change path

this is missing: if i move a document to another folder in the finder, DT won’t find it anymore and i have to manually update the path/URL. in the information window there should be a button making it possible to browse for the new location instead of having to insert the new path manually!

Which version did you use to import the documents? Since version 1.7.x, DT uses internal aliases and this works fine over here after moving or renaming a referenced file.

I agree with Stephan that it would be convenient to use a file browser in the Info window for selecting a Path (for whatever reason) instead of having to manually enter one.

well, whatever you mean, it doesn’t work. when i move a document - previously imported to DT - to a new location, DT doesn’t know where the original has gone. in the info-window, a file browser would be a BIG help (and i would say a mac-standard) to fix this.

i use the newest version of DT.

A file selector will be added but nonetheless the path should be correct after moving/renaming files if the files have been imported using 1.7.x or newer.

thanks - a big relief! if i understand you correctly, you are talking about DT-items inside DT. what i was trying to say was, that when moving - lets say a word file linked to DT - to a new location in the finder, DT will not open the original file externally anymore because the path has been changed. this is where the file selector would come in very handy - take a look at the way goLive handles this - the "point and shoot" method is a very neat file selecting method!

Since 1.7.x I’ve had no trouble with DT’s Path updating when moving or renaming files within the same volume.

Have you tried keeping the Show Info window open while moving a file and see if Path updates to its new location?

Apparently Finder always does a copy when dragging files to a different volume (first time I’d tried that since I’ve always used the command line when copying/moving files to/from the  “Media” volume on my iBook), and that confuses the DT Path in an interesting way… seems it “rediscovers” a file that’s copied from another volume back to the Desktop, but reverts to the original, pre-copy/move Path if it’s then moved to any other folder on that volume.  Watching the Show Info window while doing this inter/intra-volume copying/moving is easier than explaining it. :slight_smile:

I was talking about moving/renaming files in the Finder too. Maybe the problem is caused by URLs automatically set to the original path while importing contents (see according preference) - those URLs are not aliases and not adapted to new locations/names in the filesystem. Therefore deleting the URL might fix the problem. However, I’ll check if there’s a way to improve the handling without breaking existing databases.

“url auf dateipfad setzen” is meant with this? and once again: PLEASE ask a linguist to straighten out your way of naming DT functions/items etc. you use a language that is more than ambivalent. of course i want urls to follow the valid path, but the url/path should be updated automatically after a modification of the path. at least that is what this pref setting implicates. when i disable this funktion, what happens?
and please consider renaming “replicants” and call them “clones” (klone). because “replicate” doesn’t differ much from duplicate or copy…

otherwise, i’m happy with DT - honestly (but please search for native english and german speaking IT-literate linguists!)

Actually they’re similar to hard links in Unix, except that renaming one renames them all. To me a clone would be a duplicate, but separate, item.  A copy is already a clone, until it’s modified.

Relying on a function’s name as an indicator of its behavior can be risky. For example, the “bounce” function in the Mulberry e-mail client means “resend/remail message” to another recipient. In other e-mail apps it means “reject message” and attempt to notify the original sender. The former is interactive to prompt for a recipient list, which allows the chance to abort it. The latter may not be interactive and may have undesirable consequences.

When I first saw Replicate (and Destroy) in DT it wasn’t obvious what they did since Copy (and Delete) were there, too. Even if Replicate had been named Clone or Link it still wouldn’t have been enough to keep me from looking it up in the manual to remove doubt. And certainly with Destroy.

I do agree there’s room for improvement in naming “conventions” but regardless of what they are I’m sure someone will find them confusing, questionable, or conflicting with expectations. And people don’t consistently use “correct” names in forum discussions, e.g. groups will be called folders. For me the functionality and accurate documentation of it is higher priority than what it’s called.

Sorry for the length of this but I wanted to say something in defense of DEVONtechnologies. :slight_smile:

The option "URL auf Dateipfad setzen" (set URL to path) is actually kind of outdated since version 1.7.x and you can disable this option. However, DT uses aliases too to find moved or renamed files but aliases break of course after copying a file to a different volume or replacing a file with another one (both paths and aliases have their advantages and disadvantages).

But a future release will provide a new option to copy all external material (not only images/PDF documents) to the database folder - this will be especially handy if you’re using DT Pro. Then the database packages will contain everything you need and copying or moving those packages around won’t break anything and you don’t have to worry about missing files etc. anymore.

And we’re always trying to improve the naming of functions (see changes in DT 1.8.1b: “Destroy” => “Delete All Instances”, “Toggle Outline” => “Show/Hide State”) but there’s probably no better name available for replicants.

They’re no aliases, no links, no clones, no copies - they’re similar to hardlinks of Unix. But only few users know what a hardlink is either.