Information on DEVONsphere server

I’m interested in this product and would like some info on pricing, system requirements, capabilities and bandwidth consumption. Can I use it to index and provide search capabilities for sites on multiple remote servers? What kind of output and formatting does it provide? I’ve tried the contact form several times to no avail.

Thanks for insights.

DEVONsphere Server will require at least Mac OS X 10.6 and therefore a 32/64-bit Intel Mac. At least 4 GB RAM are recommended. Pricing/availability will be announced.


Currently (X)HTML, XML, JSON and RSS. E.g. the search function of our website ( is using the JSON output.

Thanks for reply. Any rough idea as to when it will be available?

BTW, regarding output, it would be great if DEVONsphere had some kind of templating system whereby a user could either create output templates or insert standardized components such as headers, footers, graphics into an inbuilt template so that output pages could be customized to match their sites. Any insights into this matter appreciated.


Unfortunately not yet.

The (X)HTML output is actually based on templates.