Inherit tag upon adding to folder

Is it possible to have a tag added automatically to a file when it is dropped into a group/folder? For example, if I have a group concerning snakes and the group has the tag “snakes”, whenever I drop a file into that group using the Sorter I would like the tag “snakes” added to the file. Can this be done?

It’s probably possible using Triggered Scripts (check the documentation for more info) attached to groups you want tags added to.

Apparently DTPro is so wonderful that it does it automatically. Oops. Don’t know if it’s specific to the Pro version.

Pro and Pro Office, according to:

DEVONthink/DEVONnote Feature Comparison

I’ve got DTPO, but I can’t see how to do what you describe. Doesn’t seem to be any way to ‘tag’ a folder. When I have a folder selected, I can’t add any tags into the tag field at the bottom (using 3 pane view).

Can you elaborate?

edit: I figured it out! Select the folder, use Tools > ShowInfo, and then there is a ‘tags’ box. Tags entered in there are automatically added to documents in the folder.

Would be more intuitive if you could just add them the same way you add tags to documents, but at least it’s there.