Inherited Tags in UI

One of the features I most like with DT is the way tags are “inherited” when you use nested tags. So, when I have a tag “Cow” as a sub-tag of “Animal”, anything I tag with “Cow” is automatically tagged with “Animal”. Perfect. Even better, if I move the “Cow” tag into “Ruminants” then the “Cow” tagged items drop the “Animal” tag and add the “Ruminants” tag. Brilliant, and of course intuitive once you understand tags are really groups in disguise.

BUT, there is one thing missing from this model that messes up my workflow. When looking at a tagged item, there is no way (so far as I can tell) to distinguish between inherited and non-inherited tags (or, in group terms, which is the immediate group containing the item vs. which are parent groups of that group).

Without this, its too easy (especially when moving items between databases) to end up with some “Cow” items tagged with “Animal” via inheritance but some lurking around with an “Animal” tag directly on the item (as well as “Cow”). And, sadly, with no way to distinguish these in the UI.

This makes detecting and cleaning up these mistakes horrible. The only way I can fix this is to manually delete the “Cow” and “Animal” tags from ALL items, then add the “Cow” tag only back to the item. Time-consuming when you have a lot of tagged items.

So, it would be great if there were some way to distinguish “inherited” vs “direct” (my terms) tags in the UI. Perhaps via different background shading for inherited tags? Or perhaps there is some way already and I missed it (hey, I’ve done THAT often enough!).

(And no, I don’t really tag items with “Cow” )


Slightly different color would indeed help.