Initial impressions: If only iOS side data entry was better!

So Far I’ve been working with small DB syncing, but one of the primary uses I see (for myself and my partner) for DTTG is for taking notes and capturing brainstorming ideas while in the field.

As the system stands it’s almost useful for that purpose. Being able to grab a picture (or even better a group of pictures) and save it would be useful IF It was possible to have an associated text file with details etc. Putting the notes in the spotlight comment field is REALLY awkward, and seems prone to errors in the sync.

Being able to attach recorded audio (to make capturing complex ideas quickly ) would be a LOT more helpful, as would the ability to include short video clips.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have more comments as I use DTTG more, but as I know how important first impressions of new users are (The curse of knowledge taints the views of anyone that is a beta user etc), I thought I’d post what immediately jumped out at us.