initial sync taking too long

I am a long time user of devonthink. I started from Mac and now I am transitioning on a 95% of my work being done on my iphone/ipads (yes: big iOS fan).
I wanted to create a new database. For some reason I couldn’t find a way to import whole folders on iphone DTG, but no problem, I decided to go the traditional way of creating the database on my mac and then syncing it with my iOS devices.

Well, after more than 10hours of bonjour syncing and the sync has not completed yet. On the iphone storage it says that DTG occupies 23GB of storage. The database is 40GB, so I guess I will need several more hours.

It is needles to praise the positives of DTG and how important it is for my work, but there needs to be a faster way for the initial syncing.

Professionals (lawyers, doctors, scientists, etc) have big databases and there needs to be a faster way to achieve the first sync.

Would a cable sync be faster?
How about having the MacOS DT prepare the mobile database and then quickly upload it through a cable connection?

Anyway, I don’t know how this can be achieved but it shouldn’t take a day of syncing to sync a 40GB library over bonjour.

40GB is not an inconsequential amount of data. And there’s no black magic to make an intial Sync faster. In DEVONthink To Go 2, select Help > Contact Us to start a Support Ticket. Thanks

Hi. Support always has the most useful advice, but I’ve generally found it best to leave my iPad / iPhone open all night (dim the screen) and do the initial sync while I’m asleep. In fact, I have a 20+ GB sync to do tonight. But, I’ll wake up in the morning, and it’ll all be there. The fastest way seems to be ad-hoc syncing, but that will only work with one device at a time. Also, I’m guessing that it’ll probably go faster if you just do a shallow sync (available with an upgrade), so only the metadata goes over. Later, you can select what you need for offline use.

Regarding cable-bound sync: Access to USB is restricted in iOS and not easily done. The only app we know of that uses the USB cable is Duet (and they are former Apple employees so they probably know where to look).

it seems that the sync is taking much longer on my iPhone c/w iPads. All are last generation devices

An iPhone is a less powerful device than an iPad.