Initialization: Database couldn't be created!

I’ve been experiencing a number of errors with my files in DEVONthink and I tried to launch an old version of an existing database. The Log kept repeating that an error had happened because two databases shared the same UUID, so I removed the old one. But since then I can’t create any new databases because I get this initialization error.

What I want to be able to do is twofold:

(1) Fix this new initialization error so that I can create new databases

(2) Import a copy of the old version of one of my current databases in a way that doesn’t share the same UUID as my current database, and then be able to repopulate missing files back into the current version of the database


Where are you trying to create the database?

Hi Blanc. Thanks for the reply. I keep all my DT databases in the same folder in my home directory (~/DEVONthink). I have 13 of them in the same parent folder and have not had an issue when I’ve created a new database in the past.

But to answer your question differently: yes, DT allows me to create a database in a different folder and open it from that folder. It also allows me to create a database in a different folder and drop it into my existing folder. But it will not allow me to use File > New Database… and create a database within my existing folder. This is when I get the initialization error pop up. I’ve not experienced this before.

Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!

I think I figured it out.

For some reason, the parent folder’s Sharing & Permissions got changed, and instead of me having Read & Write privilege, only System did.

Interestingly, when I changed it from System back to me, I was able to create new databases inside that folder again, but now all the databases have me listed twice with Read & Write privileges, not just once as is usual. Not sure if that matters.

Welcome @manjsri

What OS are you running?
Does this persist after a machine reboot?