Insert Checkbox in Rich Text Documents

I see that Checkboxes in Rich Text docs have been dicussed here before, because they are such a great tool in ToDo lists.

DevonThink already has an Insert Bullet command under the Edit menu. I like the Insert Checkbox in MacJournal’s Edit menu – very useful.

Now I’m using emoji ( :white_check_mark: ) under the Special Characters, but this could definitely be improved upon with a real checkbox.

Thanks for listening.

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Option V = √ if you don’t need the box itself. :smiley:

I agree with ahmyo in that Checkboxes are such a great tool for ToDO lists. While discussed here more than once in the past the feature request has not been implemented.

The functionality difference between an emoticon or Option V = √ and a checkbox is quite different.

Having the checkbox, although a small addition in itself, would enhance Devonthink considerably with the new functionality it brings. I hope that this feature request can be reconsidered for inclusion.


Why is edit insert CHECKBOX in a rich text file Still not working??

The Insert>Checkbox command does work, but it is for formatted note documents only which is why it is dimmed in rich text documents.

From the manual:
Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 09.48.05.png

Inserting a checkbox is not part of the base RTF text-engine we use. (You will note isn’t not present in TextEdit.)
And remember, there are a great many things to tend to. and priorities must be maintained.