Insert link by default? Handle links? Open with...


I often use DTP to explain what different file do, or how I solved some problem, and where files are that are related to the problem.

To do that, I can either drop the file into the RTF in DTP, or drop a link by pressing ctrl. Dropping the file in seems to work quite badly. When right-clicking on the file, I don’t get a menu that relates to it - such as “show in finder”, or “open with”. All I seem to be able to do is double click the file and have a temporary copy of it opened with the default program. (So no editing…)

Copying a link works better. Now at least right-click shows up a relevant menu. Still no “open in finder”, but at least I can search with spotlight.

So I have a couple of questions:

  1. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to link files in DTP documents?

  2. What is the best way to handle documents that are dropped into the rtf? Why is there no context menu?

  3. Is it possible to have all files dropped by default as links, since dropping directly in works kind of badly?

  4. What is the best way of opening a link with the finder? Why is there no “open with…” menu item?


Version 2.2.2 will open the actual file (if possible) and therefore will support editing. In addition, it will be possible to preview attachments, links and even cross-links via Quick Look (only on Lion).

Usually it’s recommended to store the files inside a database, not inside a rich text document. Afterwards you could insert a link to the stored file via “Insert Link To” in the contextual menu of rich text documents.

That way “Open With” is supported, the file is searchable and can be linked from many documents.