Inserting a Checkbox is not available!

I have noticed that option for inserting a Checkbox is not available yet. Can you please add this option?
Edit -> Insert -> Checkbox
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Welcome @Fer

Please provide more information on your inquiry. DEVONthink supports more than one file type - see the built-in Help > Documentation > Documents - and you haven’t specified what type you’re referring to.

PS: In HTML and Formatted Notes, you can indeed insert a checkbox. However, HTML files don’t preserve the state of a checkbox on save; Formatted notes do.

Hi, I’m new to DEVONthink and learning how it works. I would like nested lists of checkboxes and I’m trying to figure out the possible ways to accomplish it.

My preferred way would be with Markdown, but I know the Markdown parser DT uses doesn’t support it, so I would have to do this to make it happen:

- <input type="checkbox" checked=""> A task
    - <input type="checkbox"> Some task

Or I could use a Formatted Note as mentioned above. But do Formatted Notes have the notion of nested lists, or would I have nest an item “by hand” with spaces?

Any other options in DT to put nested lists of checkboxes in a document?


Welcome @joeg3

No, formatted notes don’t support nested lists.
Using HTML or Markdown as you’ve shown would be the only possibility for an HTML-based method.

Rich text supports lists natively so you could create a nested list and either change the list type or use strikethrough on individual lines.


Thanks @BLUEFROG. None of the options are exactly what I’m looking for.

I’ll think about it and probably either go with Formatted Note, or the Markdown hack and hope, as has been mentioned in other threads, that MultiMarkdown eventually adds checkbox support, or someday DT adds support for other markdown parsers.

You’re welcome.