Inserting a row in the middle of a table in .rtf

I see that this question was asked in the past but quite a long time ago. I create the tables directly into DT3 and do not use any other software for the file in which the table is added. I am wondering if there is a function to allow me to insert either a column or a row.

I thought I saw this option several months ago, but now I cannot find it. I am on MacOS 14.1.2.

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You can’t insert rows into a rich text table in DEVONthink. You can’t do this in TextEdit either.

If you have Microsoft Word, you can open the RTF file via Data > Open With and insert rows into the table. After you save it, the table will show with the new rows in DEVONthink.

Note: The current version of macOS Sonoma is 14.2.1. Please stay current with the operating system point releases as Sonoma is still very buggy.

Thank you for the hack and the update. I need to find out how to see the system updates more prominently.

For the table, if it already has links to DT3 documents, my hope is that they will continue to work after the table is processed into MSWord.