Inspektor / Einordnen does not show folders anymore


I am working with DT3 and have an issue with “Inspektoren, Einordnen”.
As of this week, the tab does not show any folders, but only similar documents.
I do not remember that I changed the settings.
Any ideas why the folders are not longer showing up?
Thank you, Volker

Ok, found it. The group’s window (area) was hidden. I had to pull down the splitter and now I have two windows again.

Can you post a screen capture of what splitter you had to pull down? Thanks.

Hi, see the image below… The area above the red line was completely not visible. It happens if you pull the area “Dokumente” up to the top - then the Group area disappers.

Development will have to look at this, potentially putting a minimum height in place. Thanks for your patience and understanding.