Installation of Scripts failed

This error appeared with the initial install of DThink, and again today with the downloaded update:
~/Library/Scripts/Applications Pro failed
~/Library/Scripts/DEVONthink Pro failed

Neither the library off the root nor the library off the user folder – I figured I’d check both – have any DEVONthink folders or files there or inside the Applications folder within. Disk Utility reports no permission errors.

Any idea how to address this?

For reasons unknown you’ve got an Ownership & Permissions error on at least some of your folders inside your user Library. You should have Read & Write permission, which would allow DEVONthink Pro/Office to write to the folders into which it is trying to install scripts and other material.

The permissions error can be corrected.

Go to the Finder. Click on your User directory (the Home icon) and select an affected folder, e.g. Scripts in ~/Library/.

Press Command-I to open the Info panel. Look at Ownership & Permissions. Change to Read & Write, then close the Info panel.

Repeat for the Application Support folder in ~.Library/, and check to see if this is needed for the DEVONthink Pro folder inside Application Support.

Back in DT Pro, choose Help > Install Add-Ons and confirm. That should do it.

For all items the R&W is okay. I had partial success because earlier I used an app called BatChmod for force the Group of Scripts r&w and at least now the DTPro Scripts installed (in other words, of the four choices in the Instal Add-ons, only one – Applications Scripts – fails. Here are the details of my library:```
Owner Access Group Access Others Path
======= ====== ===== ====== ====== ==================
tlmurray R&W tlmurray no access no access ~/Lib
tlmurray R&W tlmurray no access no access ~/Lib/AppSuprt
tlmurray R&W tlmurray read only read only ~/Lib/AppSuprt/DTpro
system R&W tlmurray R&W read only ~/Lib/Scripts
tlmurray R&W tlmurray read only read only ~/Lib/Scripts/DTpro