Installation problems with upgrade to DT Personal 1.9.6

I’ve been a happy user of DevonTHINK 1.9.1 for about a year now-- recently decided to upgrade to 1.9.6. Downloaded the file and dragged the new icon to the Applications folder, as instructed-- it replaced the old version, but the new version, for some reason, refuses to launch–? I click on the icon and nothing happens.

Rebooting, or logging in and out, appears to have no effect. So I’m currently without any version of DT at all, old or new, until I get this problem straightened out…

Is there something obvious that I’m forgetting to do?

Try this:

Drag your old DT icon out of the Dock. It will go Poof.

Go to your Applications folder and double-click on the DT application file. That should launch DT. Then move the new DT icon in the Dock to its accustomed position and you are up and running.

But if DT doesn’t launch when the application is double-clicked, it must not have been installed properly. Download DT and install it again.

Tip: Do NOT simply drag the disk image into your Applications folder, as that will merely create an alias of the disk image. Instead, open the disk image folder and drag contents to your hard drive. Then the files are really installed on your HD.

I figured out the problem-- my Mac OS was out of date! (I was running 10.3.3. and had forgotten that newer versions of DevonTHINK will only run on 10.3.9).

Thanks for the suggestion, though!