Installing DT3 on an additional Mac - indexed databases on both

I currently have DT3 installed with indexed databases on my iMac (plus DTTG on my iPhone and iPad synching with DrobBox). I am getting a MacBook Air and want to run DT3 on that as well, also with indexed files, but also making use of iCloud Drive to keep all my data files in synch between the two Macs (both those linked to DT3 and those which are not indexed in any databases). Is this possible so long, and will it create duplication if I have “conflicts: use latest document” selected in preferences?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Not sure, but I think you cannot have indexed same file in different base folders and act like it were the same file.

What I mean is:

In one Mac your indexed files are, eg, in Dropbox: ~/Dropbox/DTFiles
In your new Mac, your indexed files are in, eg, ~/Library/mobile-documents-icloud/DTFiles (I really don’t remember the exact path).

Those are completely different folders for DT.

If you want have same indexed files in both Mac, both must hang from same path, even recommending same user name, and be local (not cloud-only):


With that you have a reasonable warranty all is going right in both Mac.

Since the iCloud Drive folder is in the same relative location on both Macs, you should be able to index items into DEVONthink.

You should not have any issues with duplicates when using the latest document for conflict resolution.