Installing DTProO: Connection Failed: Server may not exist .

I did a search, but can’t find anything relate to this in particular.

During the “first run” of DT Pro Office, I get a repeated error message of "Connection Failed: The server may not exist or it is not operational at this time … " This error has happened on both my Old PPC PowerMac (has older version of DT already installed) and my newer Intel MacBook (clean install with no earlier version of DT).

I have no clue what it is trying to connect to as everything is on the internal drive, I am connected to the internet and no other apps are showing any kind of error like it. I have peaked at the console log, but there is no line item showing any kind of connection error or desired server it is trying to connect to.

I have to click on the “Okay” button 4-5 times before it finishes its first run. When I try to install the OCR software, I get the same thing – "Connection Failed: The server may not exist or it is not operational at this time … " Click the darn thing 4-5 times, and then it starts downloading the software. It has not crashed on me during this time, so I don’t have a crash log to share with you.

Once I complete the first run, no more problems and the app runs fine. I have no clue what this is, but I thought I would mention it in the forums. BTW, both machines are running the latest version of Leopard.


I recently experienced the same “connection failed” message on a DTPO database. I had indexed a file that resides on an external iDisk-like source (i.e., a WebDAV directory). The directory was offline, and the error popped up. The message is from OS X not DT. This could also happen if you are connected to another Mac.