Instapaper -> Calibre -> Kindle

Thought some folks might be interested in this workflow, either specifically or generally:

Anyone doing anything like this in DT? I’ve noticed that DT doesn’t handle PDF clipping from Instapaper too well, but haven’t investigated why.

Any thoughts on DT support for one or more of the eBook formats?

Best, Charles

As often mentioned, we support all file formats supported by Spotlight and Quick Look. So if you have any Quick Look module installed (including applications with embedded modules) implementing e.g. ePub DEVONthink will automatically support them, too.

I’ve been doing some looking for a QuickLook plugin for ePub and haven’t found anything yet. If anyone runs across a good one, could you post in this forum?

All I’ve found so far is one that will show the icon from iTunes, which presumes that you’ve put the epub file in iTunes. It doesn’t display any of the other pages.

This may be old news, since the only posts I found from searching “epub AND instapaper” were these 2 from 2010, but I’ve recently been downloading instapaper stories to epubs using their download function (website only, I believe). This creates an epub of the last 10-20 stories, which you can then archive, exposing the next 10-20. Great so far. Then I’m spotlight-indexing (MacOS) using the epub.mdimporter plugin from github. I came to this forum because I just began thinking about whether DEVONthink would be useful in corralling what will end up being dozens (hundreds?) of separate epubs, each containing these bundles of unrelated stories.

I was prompted to do this by discovering that Instapaper was taking up 4GB of storage on my iPad, and seeing it was only going to go up in the future.


Only useful to a point, as you can’t read ePUB files in DEVONthink and no QuickLook plugin shows more than the cover/first page. So will they be searchable? Yep. But very useful beyond that point? Only if opened in a bespoke ePUB application for reading.