Instapaper/Readability Integration [A Kind Feature Request]

I’m a user of both DTP and DEVONagent. I know the results returned in DEVONagent could be clipped in Instapaper format into DTP. But is it possible to add this reader-friendly feature to DEVONagent? cuz a regular workflow for me (and also probably for others) is to read through the results (web pages) in DEVONagent and pick out the most relevant ones and store them in DTP. If the reader feature (like in Safari or Chrome or Reeder) is added, the reading and info sorting experience with DEVONagent will be eased up greatly. :smiley:

Nice option for the future.

For now, though the presentation is not as pretty as Instapaper or Safari Reader, DEVONagent currently offers the “Text” option to view content – the “T” in this toolbar icon.

Or Web > Text in the menus. Or ⌥⌘X