Insufficient disk space to import database


I can no longer sync DTG despite having 32GB free space available on my iPhone.

Any advice as this is currently stopping make fro working.


How large is the database actually that you want to import?

I am not trying to import anything - that’s just the error message I get on my iPhone when syncing Devonthink.

I am syncing my inbox and a “home” database. The home database is 2.5Gb on my Mac and the inbox is very small.

Did this happen after an update of iOS or DEVONthink To Go?

I have the same problem with one of my DBs— the DB itself is 8gb, and despite 30gb free I have not been able to sync it to DTTG, receiving the same message, despite many tries.

You could try to use a Bonjour sync location first to import the database, this might require less disk space as it’s a direct connection.

I am not sure how long the problem has been there for and have updated both recently.