Integrating Altavista's Babel Fish Translator

I’ve been looking with envy at Altavista’s new toolbar which is unfortunately only available for Windows Internet Explorer 5 or above at the moment;

The item that I’m especially interested in is the ‘Translate’ feature. I’m currently browsing a lot of Japanese sites at the moment and although I can manually go to Altavista’s translation service page and enter the url and language of the page I wish to translate, this is a long winded process;

Is there any possibility that Altavista would be prepared to provide the code so that their translation service could be accessed directly from DA’s browser window (like their toolbar feature)?

The highlight feature could be useful too.


That’s probably a very good idea - e.g. use the system language (or a preference?) as the destination language, automatically try to detect the language of the page, add a “Translate” button (or toolbar item) - et voilá :wink:

Therefore this will be added to the final 1.0 release (but not to beta 3). And I wonder why no browser offers such a feature  ;D

This would be a great time saving and convenient feature to add :slight_smile:

Here is a link showing the ‘Translate’ button menu options;

Many thanks,