Integrating DT and Omnifocus

Maybe reinventing the wheel. For the last few months I have moved back to DT from my prior reliance on Evernote with a brief spin at Obsidian. I have been an Omnifocus user for some time (way back when it was just KGTD).

I have now developed a daily workflow between OF and DT that I thought I’d share. Every day, I use the Daily Journal - Markdown template to set up a “day note”. At the top, I put my appointments for the day.

2nd block are my OF tasks to do that day - as bullets with linking – using the md syntax to get me back to OF when I do that task. The () contain the Omnifocus item (pasted as link), so that it is hyperlinked.

A third block are other tasks I know I have to do that haven’t (yet) made it into Omnifocus.

I also sometimes use wikilinks from particular tasks into projects on DT.

I check off the completed tasks in DT when I do them (as well as in OF). Then for the next day, I can copy my undone tasks to carry forward into a new daynote. No more daily paper lists!

Then, although it is not something I’ve used much of yet, I could use the bottom of the day note to capture thoughts for later processing.


Hi Chuck: I too had a brief spin with Obsidian & Logseq. Now coming back to DT & I too have used OF for some time.

Can you send me a screenshot of your layouts? If not, I understand.

Thanks for sharing your valued thoughts! Your thoughts on Integrating DT & OF is exactly what I need. Thank you!

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Can you send me a screenshot please? Thank you

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Here is a shot (as a md) of my day list as an example. The OF stuff gets pasted as a link.

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Yes, but what kind of snacks?!? :thinking::upside_down_face:



I guess I need to type a few more words here

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