Integrating Ulysses and Agenda with DEVONthink Pro

I’m NOT the author of this article, and I don’t know if the author is active here or not, so I thought I would share this interesting article on using DEVONthink with Agenda and Ulysses.

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Thanks for the interesting link!

I’m not sure the author’s ideas qualify as integration for me.

Copying links back and forth certainly helps to tie items in different apps together, but I was hoping they would describe a way to do so automatically. Any workflow I have to remember to manually do is a workflow that’s not likely to stick!

For this reason I’ve given up on Ulysses and Agenda. Instead, I’ve taken to using iA Writer with iCloud Drive-synced folders, indexing those folders in DT3 and using custom metadata and Smart Rules to emulate some features (e.g., any tasks using a - [ ] syntax get picked up and placed into OmniFocus with a link back to the note that generated the task). This way DT3 is at the core of everything and iA Writer simply becomes the UI I use to interact with my writing.

I haven’t quite figured out how to link notes and calendar events the way Agenda does, but otherwise the workflow, well, flows a lot better than when I was using several apps in tandem. As a bonus I only have a single text repository, making it easier to find everything I need/use smart folders/do backups/etc.

(iOS is a little clunky, though. I’m looking forward to the DTTG implementation of DT3 features! :wink:)