Integrating with Windows

Hi there,

recent events force me to move to Windows 10. While there still will be a Mac in the household, my primary OS will Windows. Private usage of Mac will still happen, but as an employee I will be bound to Windows. Also, during traveling, I will only have Windows with me - so no more DEVONthink to take away.

As almost anything is organized around DT, with a sync store on a shared drive at home - how can I get along with Windows? Are there any Apps or programs for Windows, which are similar and are there any mechanisms to import move or better sync data between DT and such an App, maybe using scripts?

Kind regards

Do you have the possibility of accessing the same cloud service from your Mac and the Windows machine – OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.? If so, then save/edit files on Windows to the OneDrive account (for example) and index into DEVONthink the same OneDrive folders on the Mac side.