Integration of Apple Reminders


I use Apple’s Reminders a lot and it would be great if I could create reminders with backlinks to DT documents inside of DT. I know that DT has an reminder function itself. But I don’t want to distribute my reminders to different places.

If I use the “Share”-button in DT, it can send documents to Notes and some other Apps, but not to Reminders App, although it is activated in the systems settings. Why is this not working?

As a workaround I can imagine that a script can get the URI of the document and create a reminder in the reminders app. Are there any hints how to create sth. like this oder are there even scripts available?


EDIT: I found a script integrated in DT and am now trying to make this function better available. Question seems more or less solved. Sorry for my blindness.

DEVONthink always provides the same data and actually doesn’t know the receiver.

There’s actually one in the Scripts > Reminders menu.