Integration w/ Firefox?


im a new user and may be missing something, but the services menu is inactive in FF. Is there a solution?


No. As Firefox is a Carbon application, it’s up to the developers of Firefox to add support for services. But Camino might be an alternative.

Just copy the text into the clipboard and open a new RTF file in DevonNote and then paste it is. Kludgey but it works.

But copy/paste from Firefox doesn’t automatically include the URL in the new document’s metadata. That’s a piece of information that I always want in Web clippings.

Me too. It’s irritating. But FireFox is unfortunately leaps and bounds beyond DA in everyday browsing. I hope in the next iteration it adds a lot of features, but on the other hand I don’t need DT to become another browser specific company. So hopefully FF finds a way to support it better.

It depends on your criteria, and what you are trying to do.

If you wish to do a number of quick and easy captures of information from the Web to a DT Pro database, DEVONagent and DT Pro’s browser are “leaps and bounds” ahead of Firefox. By multiples. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t look as though the developers of Firefox are going to make it more Cocoa compatible.

That’s the point, isn’t it? Firefox won’t get services until it becomes a Cocoa app, and there’s no plans for that. So there’s no point in asking the DEVON team to provide something they can’t: the problem is Firefox and Apple. DEVONapplications are caught in the cross fire.

Actually, I think the best answer is to wish for WebKit (hence, Apple) to join Firefox in full support of whatever Google is doing. I wish I had full support for Writely (now Google Docs and Spreadsheets), or fully functional keyboard support for Gmail and Google Reader with WebKit (thus both Safari and DEVONagent).

In some senses, yes, DEVONagent is better than Firefox. Archive is much better than Google Notebook. Unless I need to collaborate or share across computers.

And in a perfect world, I’d have support for Firefox plugins (Zotero, hello!).

For now, it looks as though we’ll have to live in a two-browser world: Firefox for network compatibility and collaboration, DEVONagent (or Safari) or Mac OS X interop.

Look for a surprising new feature in an expanded version of DT Pro, which should come out as a public beta sometime in coming weeks.

Bill, you are a wicked, wicked man. :wink: I am anxiously looking forward to seeing the surprise.

I’m toying around with Firefox 2.0 and I’m disappointed. Still not a Cocoa app :cry:

You can use Zotero and Scrapbook in Firefox, save your pages/documents and then save to pdf in DTP if you like. The nice thing is you can annnotate the pages once they are saved in Scrapbook and Zotero. Those annotations will be exported to the pdf as well.

Of course you can simply choose to print and save to DTP as a pdf from the web page too. Not nearly as convenient but works none the less.

The trouble with saving as PDF is that hyperlinks are lost in the “print” operation as well as in PDF conversions or exports from most applications.

And hyperlinks are often critical elements that I want to preserve.

If you do a great deal of information gathering from the Web as I do, you might begin to agree with me that the DEVONagent and built-in DT Pro browsers are immeasurably superior to Firefox, which begins to seem awful for that use. Any workarounds to continue using Firefox both end up taking more time and effort and still don’t allow options for capturing the most likely desired file types. :slight_smile:

For example, DEVONagent and DT Pro’s browser have convenient contextual menu options to capture a page as rich text (selected text and images, which lets one avoid saving ads and other extraneous material to the database), the HTML page or the WebArchive (which retains images for offline viewing). The URL of the captured information is automatically saved to the Comment field.

Yes, Firefox is a fast browser, and it has lots of extensions. But if you want fast and efficient captures of many pages per day to your database, Firefox no longer is fast and efficient. The developers didn’t design it to work well with DT Pro, and we can’t do anything about that.

Check me out on that. Comments?

I sure would agree that, for the functionality mentioned, DA is superior. However, the UI or usability factor is not nearly as good as the browser’s functionality.

For me, the way we must interact with the DA browser keeps me from using it, though I would gladly pay for an update just to keep development moving along because I believe that it will improve in that regard.

It doesn’t “work” as well as a typical browser and one must change the way one works in order to take advantage of these superior features.

For many, this can be a barrier. Our tools should work the way we need them to, not the other way around. Unfortunately this can result in trade-offs or looking to other methods (and, consequently, this thread). :wink:

There an “Open Link” in the Services menu for DA that opens a link from one browser in DA where you can work with that particular page with all the DEVONy goodness. No keyboard shortcut though :confused:

Yojimbo handles this nicely. If I drag a page/link into it I get a bookmark; if I drag while pressing command Yojimbo creates a web archive of the page instead. This works from any browser, including Firefox. DT should be able to implement the same thing.

I’m trying to choose between Yojimbo and DevonThink, and right now DevonThink is a major pain in comparison because I use FF.

Did you have a look at the bookmarklets? See Extras folder of the downloaded disk image.

No, I didn’t, because I could have sworn that I read that they only work in Safari.

I’ll try them out. Thanks.

The bookmarklets should actually be compatible to all browsers doing what they’re supposed to do.

I can at least vouch for OmniWeb. I put the Link and Archive Bookmarklets in my Favorites bar and then renamed them. They work perfectly.

I know nothing about Javascript. Is it possible to make a Bookmarklet that will import selected text in the browser to DEVONthink Pro? Presently I use the hot keys in the Services menu.

That’s not yet possible but might be part of a future release. However, this would be only able to store plain texts.