Integration with ToDoist

I have had a short discussion with the guys at ToDoist asking if it was possible to integrate their app with DEVONthink Pro Office and got the reply I quote in full below. I hope that you at DEVONthink will be agreeable to such a suggestion?

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Aygul (Todoist)
May 2, 10:08 PDT

Hi Andrew-Bede,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion! We at Doist simply love integrations and regularly add new ones to our ever-growing list:, so we’re planning to reach out to the DEVONthink Pro Office team to see if they’re interested in integrating with Todoist.

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I’m curious, what does “integrate their app” with DTPO mean?

See … tegrations

That’s a long list of stuff. Which one?

Perhaps you want to create a task in ToDoist that links to a DEVONthink document? You can already copy the DEVONthink item link, pop open the ToDoist quick entry panel with [size=110]⇧⌘A[/size], and paste the link – or type the task name and paste the link. Would “integration” somehow do that differently?

I was searching for a solution that would create a task in Todoist from DT as well. Since there was none in this forum I tried myself in Keyboard Maestro. This is probably not the best solution, but it does the job.

It copies the name and link of the active document and pastes both to the quick entry panel.

Considering the Todoist app has no AppleScript dictionary, this isn’t a bad workaround.

Thanks for this solution @Stibbons for those of us who are illiterate in any language other than English could you please supply a translation of the German bits? Cheers.

I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

The first action “Select menu in DEVONthink Pro Office”
Menu Title: Edit
Menu Item: Copy Item/Page Link

This will copy the link to the document (x-devonthink-item://…) to the clipboard
With the fourth action “Set Variable “Verweis” to Text” the variable “Verweis” (you might want to call it “Link” will be set to the link.

The fifth action will set the variable “Betreff” to the name of the document (marked and copied to the clipboard with actions two and three. So maybe you would want to call it “Name” or “Topic”.

So “Insert Text %Betreff% by Typing” will add a task Name to Todoists inbox. The brackets are actually for formatting the task as a hyperlink.

I hope that helped. … %0ABetreff

Much obliged Korm, I shall try to remember Google translate next time! :confused:

Id like to revive this. It would be amazing if with a right klick a Group or file could e connected to Todoist out of Devonthink.

  • right click on group that should contain a file that is generated.
  • add todoist task
  • todoist opens and you name it but will pretype the name of the the group or file , add due Date May 23, every may 23, monthly daily, whatever
  • choose needs a file
  • Todoist task is generated watching the group.

May 22 the file is generated and placed into the group, todoist checks the task as done.

same could happen for file modified, deleted, specific files that need to exist, specific groups that need to exist. Specific groups that need to exist with files or specific files.

This would be an amazing task management system combining the powers of Todoist and Devonthink

so +1 Todoist integration

Todoist does not watch events happening on the machine, or anywhere else.

Todoist does not support AppleScript, so the other actions in your example cannot be automated, thus the KM suggestion in this very old thread.