Intelligent folders in DTTG

Hi there:
I just created an intelligent folder for my reading list in the “inbox” database on my mac. I sync via dropbox with DTTG. Unfortunately, when I open the app on my iPhone or iPad, this folder does not pop-up. Do I have to do something in the Settings, so that this folder becomes visible in DTTG?
Thanks for your help and have a great weekend

Local smart groups, ie. ones inside a database, are not support in DEVONthink To Go at this time. It will likely be a feature in a future version.

Thx Bluefrog. So there is no way having an intelligent folder syncing between DT and DTTG? Any workaround suggestion?
Best from Vienna

They are actually syncing, but they’re hidden by default and non-functional.

And the only workaround would be to use flags or labels and use the Global smart groups in the home screen. However, those would show you items from all databases.

Heya: With the newest release of dittg, is there also an update on intelligent groups and sync options?

No update regarding intelligent folders.

What kind of update are you referring to regarding sync?

PS: Regardless, we advocate always staying up to date with our point releases.

Tnx for the info: I always use the latest releases, so with DTTG 3.1.2 DT 3.7.2
I was just assuming that with the newest release of DTTG, the syncing of smart folders would work now.
Best from Vienna, Michael

Nope and we issue release notes with every update, so you can always check there.

maybe you can put this to your wishlist for satisfied customers :wink: