Interfacing w/ FileMaker Pro?

Does anyone know if there’s any way to interface DevonThink w/ FileMaker Pro? That is, apart from exporting a FMP into an Excel or a PDF, and then opening it in DevonThink…


Um, Applescript?

Ok… In what way can AppleScript enable a FileMaker Pro database to become accessible to DT?

Any suggestions…?

I don’t think there are any mind readers here on the forum, so until you propose something you want to do with these two pieces of software, I doubt you’ll get anyone to describe the effectively infinite number of possibilities there are.

Alternatively, you could take a look at FMP and DTPO’s dictionaries in the Applescript editor and see for yourself. :wink:


I’m trying to find a way that FileMaker Pro & DEVONthink can communicate w/ each other (i.e., interface) so that I can access the data / info contained in my FileMaker Pro database – just like the way DEVONthink is able to access / import / index data from other formats (e.g., from email clients).

Is this possible? If so, how?


I’ve been asking around in a FileMaker Pro forum, and was told that in order for FMP to access / interface w/ a DEVONthink database FMP would need specific ODBC drivers to access from the DEVONthink database… Possible?


DEVONthink doesn’t use or support ODBC. Therefore the only solutions are either AppleScript or ex- & importing CSV/TSV files.

I’ve never used AppleScript before. How would you suggest I use it? Is there a kind of script you’d suggest I produce that would enable this kind of interfacing? Thanks for your help!

I don’t use FileMaker, therefore I don’t know.

You can look in your Filemaker Documentation for the discussion of “Perform Applescript,” p. 139:

You’ll be interested in everything else that document has to say.

Hanaan Rosenthals’s book on Applescript also has a section of Filemaker:

See page 635 of the Apress preview.

Thanks very much. But I was wondering if there were suggested AppleScripts already out there that I might be to try out – anything already created that helps DT to interface w/ FMP. Thanks!