Interrupting the status quo when viewing "as Three Panes"

When viewing a webpage while in the “as Three Panes” view mode, I keep loosing the current webpage whenever I do anything DEVONthink-related (as opposed to events I’m triggering inside/on the current web page. An example of a DEVONthink-related would be capturing a selection in the webpage to a note, or opening a link in a new tab. Potentially pertinent preferences are set as follows:

• Enable Tabbed Browsing: CHECKED
• New notes: Select (and display) automatically: NOT CHECKED
• Destination: SELECT GROUP (I have a sense that this might be the culprit when the annoyance happens following a “Capture Note” event, but I’m not sure it explains incidents triggered by other events)

This is less of a hassle and mostly an annoyance when it happens while reading the initial, “jumping-off” webpage that is bookmarked inside the current group. But if I’ve navigated one, two, three or many pages and/or sites ahead, it becomes very aggravating to have lost my place and my concentration. DT has a tendency to throw quite a few interruptors into my streams of concentration, something I hope is partially responsible for the “beta” status. At times it feels less like an information manager and more like an information bungler (features like search, placemarking and annotation feel somewhat crude) but the reasons for this are for another topic should I find the extra time to itemize.

p.s. in regards to in-doc searching: thanks for the searchword highlighting!

Thanks for the bug report, the next beta will fix this. In the meantime don’t “hoist” 3-pane views and everything should be fine as long as the root of the database is displayed.