Intuitive Tables in rich text

It would be great to have a table or table like feature in rich text documents (or similar) something like what Microsoft OneNote has. After you have entered text, press the tab key, and voila a table is created. I understand there is an interest in keeping a rich text file as a rich text file - but the usability aspect of this feature in OneNote makes it so easy to use for a variety of business related note taking tasks. I have used the “sheets” before, but they’re a little clunky - so I usually just end up not using tables. Perhaps an upgrade to the sheets file type to make it easier to use/more intuitive is the right area of pursuit.

Thanks for considering!

You can create a Table in an RTF file in the Format menu. Do note they are not supported in DEVONthink To Go yet. But thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks Jim. I found the tables in RTF… they work, but they could do with a UX update (not UI). The interaction with the table in RTF is a bit clunky. For example - it’s difficult (if not impossible) to add text after a table in an RTF… or at least in an RTF file that I’m working with currently. When I put the cursor at the end of the file and press return it extends the cell of the the last row in the table - why doesn’t it create whitespace underneath the table?

Please don’t misunderstand - I love the DT product - use it for 90% of my work, but it does need some UX updates to it to be a bit more intuitive - from another thread on here I was reading it looks like that’s on your roadmap. Another example is “control scroll” - or - “pinch zoom” to increase/decrease text size in an RTF (or maybe other doc types). Increasing the font size isn’t a good solution for copy/paste reasons.

Thanks for making a great product and being open to feedback.

No problem. Do note DEVONthink on the Mac uses the text engine TextEdit Apple uses, while iOS doesn’t natively support RTF files. How extensive are your tables? Have you considered switching to Markdown?