Invalid encryption key after refresh MacBook

I used iCloud (CloudKit) to sync the Inbox between MacBook, ipad and iphone - worked seamless. Then I had to refresh my MacBook from the beginning and did get the invalid encryption key message. Tried to clear the icloud on all three gadgets and gave them a new sync password. Same problem. Don’t know what I can do now.
PS: Changed the language on MacBook to english, ipad and iphone are german. Any ideas?

As noted in the Help > Documentation > Troubleshooting > Sync > Common Questions , you can’t just change an encryption key.

You need to use the one you previously used or clean the sync location, set a new key (or leave it blank) then sync again.

Disable syncing on all but one devices. Do the clean, new key value, and resend on one device.
Afterwards, apply the new key to the other devices, and enable syncing on them.

That’s what I did. Disabled all sync. Cleaned sync location on MacBook. Entered new key. Synced. Changed key on iphone to the same as on MacBook. And the result is: unvalid encryption key.

Just a couple of ideas: I would probably go through the steps again, and restart all devices after successfully cleaning the sync location and before setting the new password. That probably shouldn’t make a difference, but just maybe.
Then I note that the handbook says that the new password will be valid after the first sync; that may mean after the first sync has commenced or after it has finished; so, let the first sync finish successfully before trying to set it up on the second device.
If that didn’t work, I’d probably remove the key from keychain before going through the steps again.

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Are you manually typing the encryption key in DEVONthink To Go ?

I finally solved it with entering the old password everywhere, starting a new DB and copied the changed items on iPhone und iPad in it, synced, then deleted the old DBs on iPhone und iPad - synced again - everything is fine. Worked for me, could’nt find the underlying problem. Thanks for any help.

Glad you have it worked out :slight_smile:

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