Invalid Encryption Key from DTTG for WebDAV server

Some days ago I deleted DTTG from my iPad Pro 12,9 and today I’ve reinstalled it and I’m getting now “invalid encryption key” error when trying to connect to my Synology WebDAV server.

I’m completely sure the encryption key is right because I have it stored in 1Password and in a Apple Notes note and I’ve checked it is the same. The store name is right as well. I have two more iPad working with that encryption key and 3 Macs, successfully synchronizing with that store.

Reinstalled DTTG twice, removed sync store from DTTG and retried. Key si copy/pasted from the note, not possibly of error.

Any idea what is happening?

Did you check the key in Keychain Access?

Is a verification of the sync store on the Mac successful?

No errors.

Yes, and it is different from an old store. Currently I do not use Apple Keychain, only 1Password + some Apple Notes for second chance security, and I’m 100% sure the key is the one I have both in 1Password and Apple Notes. 100% sure.

By default DEVONthink 3 stores the encryption keys in the keychain too (if access to the keychain was granted).

What a strange poltergeist. Ok, I will use that key later at home with the faulty iPad and will be back with the result.

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

The encryption password was the one stored in Keychain and not the ones stored in my 1Password and Apple Notes…

Zillion Zanks for your help.

[I wonder how I could had mistaken this]


Haha! No worries and that’s what I was anticipating the problem would be.

Glad it’s working now. :slight_smile:

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