Invalid File Integrity, checksum is different error

Checking the integrity of the database I was returned this error, which I can’t figure out what it is. The files in question (indexed) are available and open as usual.

08/08/22, 10:00:48: Ricerca Verified integrity of 1816 files successfully, checksum of 2 files different.
08/08/22, 10:05:42: Ricerca > Mellel > Topology Invalid File Integrity, checksum is different.
08/08/22, 10:05:55: Ricerca > Attachments > Saini & Khari 2022

I could not find any references in the Handbook. Any help?

If these are indexed files, you need to make sure they’re updated. Select the item’s parent group and choose File > Update Indexed Itens.

I hope that it updates all items of a database, when I select the top-most group?

What top-most group ?

The top-most of a database.
The one that contains all other groups (I only have one, not several of them).

Will selecting this and updating indexed items, update all indexed items below this group?

The command is indeed applied to items in selected (sub-)groups.

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Please let me confirm:

Selecting any group for updating indexed items will update any and all contained subgroups and the items in them?

So, to update a whole database, you just need to select all top-level groups and run the the update command from the menu.

That’s right.

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Great, many thanks!